P&E Foods

P&E Foods was born in 1997 when Cosimo decided to make a career change. Growing up in an Italian household, food was always the focal point of his every day life and it was what brought his big family together. He always had an interest in the food and hospitality industry and it was at that point back in 1997 that he decided to leave his career in construction and set up a stand at a farmer's market in Cambridge, ON. From then on, his business grew and he became known the Meat and Cheese Guy servicing multiple market locations across Western Ontario. Cosimo is passionate about his work, loves bringing new tastes and flavours to the market, and looks forward to those early market days where he gets to see his customers he considers his friends. If you are looking for some interesting products to spice up dinner or impress your guests, look no further than P&E Foods and Cosimo will be sure to take care of you. 


Email. panesalsiccia@hotmail.com

Tel. 647-286-6400

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